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When my new blu ray player comes and I connect my sound bar up I`m gonna be short of an HDMI socket on my tv. What should I look out for with HDMI splitters? I`ve noticed some have a manual select but I don`t really want to be rooting at the back of everything to select the source! Any pointers welcome :smashin:
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I bought a Joytech HDMI switcher a couple of years ago for £10 at HMV. It can be powered by USB or mains and it can be manually controlled or remote controlled. The power cable and remote are included, as well as an IR extender, so you can place the splitter out of sight.

I've got my PS3 and HD DVD player connected to it and power it via one of my 360's USB ports, as they are powered even when the console is off. I cannot see any difference in picture quality when each device is connected directly to the TV instead of the switcher.


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I`ve set everything up now but what a ball ache the splitter is :mad: I connected everything up (but now need 2 more hdmi leads :rolleyes:) and when I turned my bluray on it switched over automatically....great I thought. When I turned it off, Jeez, what a mission to get Sky back on. I literally had to turn everything off just to get Sky back :mad::mad::mad::mad: Maybe it`s the way I`ve connected everything, I don`t know, but it`s a pain :confused:
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