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We are getting a new Sky HD plus box next week. But we only have one HDMI input on plasma.
Have been advised to get a splitter, so I've ordered the JOYTECH TRi Splitter.
Which I will use for the Sky Plus, DVD player, and sometimes the laptop.

Now will I still be able to record something on my Sky Plus, whilst I watch something on my DVd player through the switcher?

Thank you Jo :lease:

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Nope, you need a switch, not a splitter.

A HDMI Switch solves the growing problem of having more HDMI sources than your HDTV can cope with. A HDMI switch or switcher is the perfect solution for this scenario. It is a central hub that allows you to take multiple HDMI inputs (such as HD Satellite Receivers, Games Consoles, Blu-ray and DVD Players) and route them through one HDMI input on your display device.

A HDMI Splitter does the opposite really.
A HDMI Splitter allows you to split HDMI images from one HD device to multiple HDTV's or displays simultaneously.

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You don't have to be viewing the SKY+ HD when it's recording - it couldn't care which Source you have selected on the Switch or TV.

If you have an 'old' Plasma Display have you ensured it's 'HD Ready' (supports 1080i or 720p) at 50Hz via HDMI?

Lots of options in term's of a suitable Switch - some will offer you Auto source selection; Media Factory - Octava HDS3-UK, 3x1 HDMI switch


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