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HDMI Splitter on Xbox 360


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Hey Guys,

Basically I have two rooms, pretty close together and would like to split the Xbox 360 signal so I can play/watch it in either room (ones a office, ones a bedroom so its nice to play/watch 360 in bed now and again).

The rooms are so close that the 360 controller would work in either room so controlling the xbox shoudnt be an issue.

I'd need some kind of splitter, I guess this would do the trick?

HDMI Y-SPLITTER ADAPTER 1 MALE TO 2 FEMALE GOLD PLATED on eBay (end time 27-Oct-09 01:05:21 GMT)

Would this work appropiately? Would there be any kind of quality loss with the splitter? I dont really want to waste my time setting it up if the quality doesnt match that of a direct connection. The lead to the second TV would need to be a 10 meter HDMI, is this too long for an HDMI cable? I've heard after around 10 meters the quality starts to decrease?

One final question and its a little more 360 specific so no sweat if your not sure. At the minute my 360 connects via hdmi to an amp and an optical lead that also runs from my 360 to an amp. My question is, if I do split the HDMI connection obviously there is only going to be one optical output going to my first room, will the sound still be sent via HDMI to room 2?

Any help would be much appreciated, cheers :)


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Would love to know the answer to this as im in a similar position, with the 360 having one hdmi output and me wanting to connect it to both my tv and monitor at the same time.

Joe Fernand

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Hello both

You can configure the Xbox 360 to deliver Video + 2.0 LPCM over HDMI plus simultaneous DD over Optical.

You can split the HDMI output to deliver video + 2.0 LPCM to two or more displays using a suitable Distribution Amp (DA).

There are all manner of 'splitters' (DA) on the market - some folk manage with the very low cost gear others don't; its all down to interoperability between the various bits of kit in your particular set-up.

HDMI.org would advise you to install a powered Distribution Amp rather than a passive Y-cable.

The longer the signal runs to your Display devices the greater the potential for EDID and HDCP problems over HDMI and again a passive Splitter will potentially increase the chances of problems on longer signal runs whereas a decent 1x2 DA will equalise the output to run over longer cables.

Media Factory - Octava HDDA12-UK, 1x2 HDMI distribution amp.


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