HDMI Splitter Nightmare Scenario


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Hello everyone,

I have an HDMI splitter scenario that's rather complicated and before I buy one, I'm hoping to get some sound advice.

Here's the thing. I have a Projector and a TV, I also have a PS3 and a Fios Cable Box.

My tv handles 3 (or more) HDMI inputs and can swap between them with the input select button on the remote or the side of the tv. The Projector has several inputs but just one HDMI so it can't switch with the ease of a remote.

So my dilemma as that I'd like to connect the PS3 and Cable Box (maybe another source at some point) to both the projector and the TV.

This is what I came up with but I'm not sure it would even work because of two signals being combined

Split from CABLE box to TV / Projector (2 HDMI Outs)
Split from PS3 to TV / Projector (2 HDMI outs)
Then take one split from each of the Cable and PS3 outs and use a 2-to-1 HDMI 2-to-1 switch to feed the projector.

Would that work or is there a better, more logical solution?

Note: I do not have a receiver yet. Not sure if that matters.

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