HDMI Splitter Issue

big john 1983

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Couldn't find anything specifically relating to my problem.....so.....

I had an Octava 1 in 2 out to allow me to connect my Samsung TV and Optoma PJ to my Onkyo amp output without having to swap leads all the time. However after a while the Octava stopped working. I gave Joe a call at TMF and he kindly offered to look at the unit for me....he did and found no fault.

I left it for ages, then decided to try a cheap unit from ebay that said it was fully HDCP compliant.

I hooked it up and it works a treat for Sky HD and the Xbox, but as soon as I try to watch my Popcorn Hour, I get no picture on either source. I have tried taking out the lead to the Xbox (to the amp) and putting it in the Popcorn......it works! I then put the original lead back in.......and it works!

So what is my problem........is it the HDCP handshake? Any thoughts?

Many thanks in advance,

John :thumbsup:

Joe Fernand

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Without some (very) expensive diagnostics kit it's impossible to say for sure where the problem lies.

If your hot plugging kit you could be confusing the system - always best to power everything off at the wall whenever you are about to make a hardware change.


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