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need a 2 output splitter HDMI which will connect from 1 (Yamaha 1800 AMP) which then has 2 out puts for (TV 90% of time, Projector 10%). At the moment im currently pulling the cord from the back of my amp (Which already has 3 HDMI input devices connected) and am worried of damaging hdmi output port.
Can you get a splitter which needs no power and simply just a plug which wont effect 1.3 features or degrade picture quality( I also dont need them to be on at the same time) Help greatly appreciated

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Hello frozenblade

Whilst passive is possible to implement I'm not sure that a manufacturer can truly claim v1.3 compliance with a passive design and experience of passive units is that they are pretty inconsistent.

I'm not sure you'd loose much if you have a v1.2 compliant 1x2 unit as there's not much in the 1.3 Feature set that's currently useful for most folk - and keep in mind you'd also require your Display + Projector to be v1.3 compliant and support the same features as your Source.

A v1.2 compliant unit will pass 1080p - see http://www.octavainc.com/HDMI distribution amp_splitter 2 port.html



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My amp has 1 HDMI out, but when I get a new projector I will need an HDMI feed to 2 devices, but not at the same time. I too am concerned about swapping the cables over and damaging the back of the amp.

My proposed solution is to have a 0.5m long HDMI male to female lead coming from the back of the amp, and use the female end of that to swap leads into, any socket damage will be easily and cheaply dealt with.

I hope that it will work.

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Hello trainspotter

Your just as likely to damage one or other of the cables going to your Display devices if your constantly swapping them in and out of the short 'jumper' cable.

You'll also want to ensure you make/break the connections with everything in Standby - especially so with the Projector; they tend to be more problematic than Plasma or LCD Displays.


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