HDMI Splitter (e.g. Amazon) as good as Pro Gear (Crestron/Extron HDMI Distribution Amp)?


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Big thanks to the user community here; helped me solution (I think) a handshake issue when outputting to two sources (TV & Projector) from a Denon X3700H.

Tried asking Google but didn't get the clarity I wanted - I solved my problem with a "cheap" HDMI Splitter. Found it on Amazon for ~$25, but it works.

Trying to understand the difference between something like this (the Orei) and the (over 10x) more expensive 1x2 HDMI Distribution Amplifiers from Crestron or Extron. What do you get for 10x the price? Quality? Just name brand? Trying to understand.


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HDMI gear with regular and custom Firmware updates only 'makes sense' once you have hit issues on a system or you are employed to supply or deploy hundred of systems.

Tech Support, Warranty and Repairs is also factored in with the higher cost gear.

If you find a lower cost unit which meets your needs all is good.


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