HDMI Split to Component? I need both HDMI in and Component in (audio only) connected to my Onkyo receiver from my Firestick. Can I split


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I need both HDMI in and Component in (audio only) connected to my Onkyo receiver from my Firestick.

Can I split my Firestick HDMI and then use one of the outputs to connect to an HDMI to Component converter? Only need Component Audio.

If this is feasible, would like some suggestions on exactly what I need to do this.


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Did you change the requirement , or maybe I misread last night
Please explain what you are trying to achieve


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OK...here goes. My Onkyo amp receives all sources and sends HDMI signal to TV (one HDMI cable). The TV / system volume is outputted by Onkyo, not the TV. My objective is to turn up TV volume without disturbing others in the house, and to do it without having to wear headphones. I purchased this product to give it a go.

Hear the TV Again with ChairSpeaker!

When connected to my TV optical or headphone output, and listening to system TV volume and Chair Speaker volume simultaneously, there is a slight delay in audio transmitted from Chair Speakers, making it sound like an echo. This is a little uncomfortable to listen to. I have turned on TV PCM, and checked and tried other settings per Chair Speakers phone support. No help. Since my wife needs to hear audio from the system I cannot simply turn it off and listen to the Chair Speakers only, which works fine. So my choices are to return the gizmo or to live with the slight delay, or to find another solution, which is what I’m working on here.

I’m trying to use Onkyo Zone 2 output as source for Chair Speakers to see if I still get the delay. Hard to believe but Zone 2 requires source (Firestick in this case) connection via RCA Component in. Right now it’s connected via HDMI.

So…….I think I need to split the HDMI from the Firestick, and then convert one of the splitter outputs to RCA Component. This will give me the option of connecting via HDMI, or Component, or Both. I might be able to simply convert the Firestick HDMI to Component and use this as Onkyo source, and skip splitting the HDMI. Not sure.

I have purchased these two items to give it a go.


Your thoughts / suggestions?
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