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HDMI Sparkle Speckle noise interference - but not on Pass through or Direct ??


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Guys I a bit baffled by a situation I'm now in and hoping someone may have some ideas.

I'm rerouting cables in my house, and I need to put an HDMI cable through a very small hole.

So, I figured I'd but a Micro HDMI / Type D to regular HDMI cable. Put the micro part through the hole and then put an adapter on the end to turn it back into a regular HDMI cable.

So I've got my cable and adapter, I hook my blu ray or Virgin box up to the tv with it, test it - works fine.

I then route the cable (after a lot of blood sweat and tears), test again - all fine.

So then I connect up to my Onkyo 809 and suddenly - the picture is dreadful. Sparkles, Speckles, Noise all over it.

However, if I set the picture mode to Direct, or switch the amp off and let the source pass through to the tv - everything is perfect.

*** ?

So the cable and adapter are ok, but when the receiver is sending a signal down it, it goes to pot.

How can this be ? Can anyone shed any light at all ?

Thanks all.



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I was going to say the cable sounds damaged leading to erros being sent, but not sure why it works direct & not when using the receiver.

Joe Fernand

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Check the Onkyo is not doing some unnecessary processing to the Video Signal when you put it in Process mode – ‘Deep Color’ is one to look out for as it adds unnecessary bandwidth to the Output signal with no positive effect on the video image.

You may also be processing the V+ 1080i signal to 1080p on the way through the AVR – 1080p is a lot more bandwidth vs. 1080i.

Other than that you are potentially seeing the Onkyo is on the edge of an acceptable Output voltage when in process mode and combined with your HDMI cable and ability of the TV to recover a signal you are ending up with sparkles.


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