HDMI sound problem


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Hi, as usual first post with a problem.
Possible this question has been asked before, but unable to find it in the forums.
I have connected my sat receiver to LCD TV with an HDMI cable. The sound from the TV taken via the headphone socket to a sound box. All works ok normally with good picture and sound (1080). However with some HD programmes broadcast I lose the sound which appears to be for the centre speaker (i:e background music ok but no commentary) If I take the sound direct from the Sat receiver to Hi-Fi all works ok.
If I connect sound to another input on Tv (not HDMI) all works ok.
Any ideas please?


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Your Tv sounds like a model which does not pass-through surr sound via HDMI but outputs it as analogue stereo.
The solution is as you've found just to directly connect the Satt output to your amp.

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