HDMI socket on samsung lcd has died :(


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ive got a 32" samsung tv thats about 18 months old and its only got 1 hdmi socket so i have to swap my leads round all of the time , PS3,DVD and vigin media box.

by doing this i think ive caused a problem as the HDMI socket now seems a "bit loose" maybe its come away from the circuit board ?
does any one know if these can be fixed ?


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I've had a similar problem with my JVC 32inch DX7. Almost 15 months old... HDMI ports stopped working on 2x seperate occassions. It's currently being repaired, have been waiting 3x weeks and counting.

If it's any consolation, first time it went I hadn't unplugged it in months. Also whilst my tele has 2x HDMI ports; they both stopped working.

If you have an extended warranty it should be covered.

If not you still may have a chance of taking it back to the shop and they may repair it. Have a look at the Sale of Goods Act first though, iIRC expensive items should have a reasonable lifespan and you can potentially ask for a repair for anything up to 6 years.


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i didnt extend the warranty when i got it so just 12 months, rang up comet where i got it from and that say that they will have a look at it.
£30 call out charge then ,
£45 for the engineer
plus parts etc if they can fix it


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mine broke this week - seems loose and is not receiving a signal. the thing is, i have left the same cable in for months and the tv was working fine one minute, then broke the next.

im not sure i can afford to get it fixed as i have heard it will cost a forune so would appreciate it if you ccould let me know how much it costs you...

for info, mine is the samsung le40m61 and is aboiut 18 months old...


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The Sales of Goods Act should cover this. Write a recorded letter to the trader and ask for a repair.

The Sale of Goods act does not. He has caused damage to it through neglagence (sorry but thats whats happened) and thus the 1 year manufacturers warranty and the 1 years retailers replacement scheme are inert. He cannot try his luck with the 6 year dealy because of how the TV became broken, it didnt just 'break' because it was a fault, it broke because of repeated use, which is not covered by the Sale of Goods act.

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