HDMI Signal Blinks with Electrical Switching

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Edwari, Jan 10, 2019.

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    I've seen one or two threads around this theme, hence signing up, but none really reflect my unique and, may I say, highly-irritating situation. Hopefully you might be able to help.
    I line in the UK in a decent sized town, ina 1998-build detached house with a proper electrical supply.
    I have an issue whereby the HDMI signal to the wall mounted TV in my living room, can blink just for a second - as if you are changing the Source signal - it happens when an electrical switch is used, or when an appliance (usually the central heating system) kicks in/out. It doesn't happen every time, which is very annoying as it never happens when the electrician's watching! It can be triggered by different circuits (lights and sockets obviously, and the cooker on the kitchen circuit can also very occasionally cause it).
    It's a Panasonic plasma TV, but that's going to be irrelevant as temporarily changing the TV for another Samsung LED has proved that it also affects other TVs in just the same way.
    The HDMI signal is provided via a Sony AV Unit, but that's also irrelevant as the issue occurred before I purchased that. Previously, the HDMI signal was provided direct from the Sky+ TV Box. It also affects other HDMI-connected items such as PS3/4, DVD player etc. connected via the AV unit or directly to the TV.
    I have had the consumer unit replaced and all circuits tested with no issues found. I have Western Power Distribution currently monitoring the incoming voltage to my house, but am awaiting their findings.
    I've also replaced the Boiler, central heating pump, all central heating related thermostats, to no avail.
    I've tried using a borrowed APC UPS device - did not have any effect, and did not trigger the alarm.
    I have replaced wall sockets, and had the connections to them checked by an electrician.
    Lightning has also caused the blink during a thunderstorm.
    I have spot LED lighting, and LED pendant and wall lights in the living room, but these do not have transformers - just the self-contained Duracell GU10 LED bulbs, and I think the issue might have actually re-dated their purchase too.
    I've replaced the HDMI cables, not with particularly expensive ones, but I agree with the principal that an HDMI cable either works or it doesn't - and it does, apart from this exceedingly annoying blink!
    I've also tried fitting the clip on ferrite cores on everything relevant, does not work.
    I've routed the TV and AV unit through a surge protecting multiplug - no effect.
    APC's technical helpline suggested that I should try the Line R LE1200I voltage regulator, but they would say that I suppose!
    Before I take the plunge and spend £85, has anyone got any suggestions? Help!!!! My wife thinks I'm obsessed, and I so am...

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