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Hi Folks,

New to this so apols in advance if this is in the wrong place/has been posted many times before. I'm trying to build a projector setup in my lounge on a budget. Within my budget I could consider an HDMI Sender (something like this but dont want to waste money. Has anybody got one in use?

I would have my source box going into my AV amp at one end of the room and this would send the signal to my Projector at the other end of the room thereby avoiding cables and/or channeling work/trunking/unhappy wife etc. The distance as the crow flies would be about 5 metresl; no walls. Source would be a 1080p box or blue ray.

I think I know that probably nothing would be better than a hard cable but interested from any good folk whether or not solutions of this ilk are worth considering at all? Like I say, new to this so apologies if this is a numpty question! Thanks all.


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All wireless HDMI systems are useless.
Save your money.

There are two types.
5ghz which must lossily compress and cause picture quality issues and 60ghz which have an extremely tight line of sight requirement that even dust motes will bring down.
Read the reviews...they are awful.

Look at ways to hide a cable instead.


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Nice one, this is really helpful and the brevity and poignancy was exactly what I was after. Whereas before I was teetering on the edge, now I'm assessing which route to channel the 10m HDMI, there's the next question... Thanks #Andy1249.

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