HDMI screen 'flicker'


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Ok had my Xbox working for years with my Samsung 40" with HDMI no issues. Changed nothing but now noticed that the display is flickering. Don't know how to describe it, but its like portions of the screen are flashing. It's noticeable on dashboard in the corners and really noticeable when a white screen is displayed.

TV is fine with all other inputs and have tried changing the HDMI cable and plugging it into different inputs on the TV. No luck.

It seems to do it to differing amounts each time it is on. It's almost like in certain parts of the screen the individual pixels are moving around.

Interesting thing is when I change resolution on the xbox display settings and it does the test at 50hz the flickering or shimmering is gone but as it switches back to 60hz it returns.

Any ideas? Or is my 4 year old Xbox about to die?


might be the hz issue from what i think. try to change it to 50 hz


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Can't be the hz thing as its only just started to occur and its been at 60hz for all that time. Additionally as its plugged in via hdmi I can't change the refresh rate, and most games require 60hz anyhow!

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