HDMI run next to speaker, problem?


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I'm setting up the home cinema. I've run HDMI (to projector) and cables for surround back speakers, above the ceiling in the attic. All the cables, come down in the corner of the living room, to reach the receiver. In this case, they run next to/behind the left front speaker. Will this have a negative effect on the HDMI cable? Will speaker cables and/or speaker create interference to the HDMI cable?

Additional question?
As the cables are in the attic, will there be a cooling/freeing problem? Live in Denmark, the coldest we get, is about -5 to -10 degrees celsius. Of course it's not that cold in the attic.

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HDMI cable - very unlikely you will have any issues running next to a loudspeaker cable.

HDMI cable - how long is it and have you been able to pre test at the required resolution/format you wish to pass to the Projector.

HDMI cable - have you made provision for replacing a failed, damaged or obsolete cable before you 'finish' the installation?

Loft installation - most cables will be marked with an upper and lower operational temp range so you will need to know if that is within the range of temps you expect in your loft space.

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