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Hello all,

First time caller, long time listener here. I want to thank all of you for your help and advice that I have gleaned from threads while doing research for a new TV. It was down to this forum along with online reviews that encouraged me to go with this one!

I managed to pick up a new Sony KD55XF9005 yesterday thanks to a post by @theherd letting us all know that these are on a cracking deal at Costco - many thanks to @theherd!

I have a question regarding the HDMI inputs on this TV - is it really just HDMI ports 2 & 3 that allow full 4K as per the reviews I’ve read? Reason I ask is because Curry’s have these advertised as having 4 HDMI 2.0 ports, and this lead me to Sony’s website to fact check. There, I found this article that suggests that all HDMI inputs will do full 4K -

TV will be connected to an Xbox One S, PS4, Sky Q and Yammy YAS 207. If they’re not all full 4K ports then it means that the sound bar will have to be connected via optical, Sky Q and Xbox into ports 2 & 3, and PS4 into either port 1 or 4. I don’t want to use the HDMI pass through of the sound bar as I am currently experiencing issues with this, and have tried all devices through it.

TV will be going on the wall over the weekend, so I hope I have given enough time for someone to answer before I connect it all up.

Thanks in advance!

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I would probably go with the Sony website specification. Also mentions that all 4 are HDCP 2.3 compliant which would indicate all are 4k.
Before wall mounting, could you not temporarily stand mount it and check them using the Xbox?
Is there any info in the owners thread in the Sony subforum on here?

Edit - quick search for HDMI in the owners thread has a post #9752 that someone has responded

"Hdmi 2 and 3 can do up to 4k 60 hdr while 1 and 4 can only do up to 4k 30 hdr."


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Thanks for your response @[email protected]! I did see an owners thread, but didn’t know how to search for a specific word within the thread.

That makes life a whole lot easier; thanks very much!

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No problem. If you open the thread up, click on search, enter search term and you can click on the drop down box to the right to search everywhere or within the thread etc.

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