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HDMI query - Options and 20m cable...


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Ok - Ill try and explain what i have in the easiest way possible..

In the corner of the room i have a yamaha amp with all the AV equipment added in, everything runs to this point including about 6 or 7 cat 6 cables.
From this point i have 4 HDMI cables running to 3 x tv points in the room and 1 x projector.

We are not sure where we will have the TV and we may wish to change over in the future so we are trying to future proof it as much as possible, 3 of the tv points can have HDMI running to them without an issue and i am going to have modules on each end so no problem, the one i do have an issue with is the longest length, the dredded 20m cable...

Because the HDMI cables are going into the walls for a TV point i want it as neat as possible and done want to have the cables just hanging out of the wall. i believe my options are...

Would it be better to either..
a. Buy a decent 20m lead - easiest option
b. Use modules and have 2 x cat 6 cables runnning to the TV point, i can then use modules on the wall and use a HDMI switching box although this will mean the HDMI switching box will be hanging behind the TV so this may be a little messy when or if the TV is on the wall

Is there anythng else i can do?

Thank you



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Hi Seb,

I was meaning a face plate as in a cat 6 module, i could have a black face plate with 3 c cat 6 and 1 x areal so i have TV aerial, TV internet and 2 x cat 6 to send the hdmi?

In the wall it would look like a 4 gang face plate, hope that makes sence
I have a load of cat 6 cable left and while i have been typing this out i think this is the best way of doing it, neater and probably cheaper than runing hdmi everywhere! :)

Thank you


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for now i am just running the cables as we may not put a tv there so if we choose never to put a tv there i dont want the cables hanging out of the wall, this way am i right in thinking i would only need 1 cat 6 and thats it, i can then hide the box hopefully behind the tv? It seems a little thick for hiding?

Unfortunately although modules are not the best i think they are the only thing i can use as the wife is adament that the cables are not hangin out of the wall like they are all upstairs!! :)

i think hdmi at 20m is our really isnt it? I have one cable at 15m but i have been assured it will work no problem and i can test it before i have the room plastered!
It Wall mounts so can be quite easily hidden behind the tv. also doesn't need power.

15M will probably work but may not with higher resolutions that you may want to add later


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perfect, thank you, i will have a 4 gang face plate on the wall so ill run 3 x cat 6 to it and 1 x aerial so it will be neat and then if i ever need to add on i can buy the above, thank you very much - again :)


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Forgot to add, would you also do this for 15m HMMI??

I have a 7.5 running in the wall to a HDMI module and i have a 10 metre going straight from the amp to the projector but the 2 furthest away are 20m (mentioned above) and another cable at 15m, would be again be too long and would i be better doing the cat 6 cable??

Joe Fernand

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No one can 'guarantee' an HDMI cable will work and or keep working and definitely never plaster in a cable - ensure you have an option to replace the cable if it ever fails.

Dual CAT6 to each TV/Projector position and add in a suitable Distribution/Extender unit to the AVR - Media Factory - Octava HD14CATDA-UK, 1x4 HDMI over CAT5 distribution amp.

For your 'spare' positions leave the cables coiled inside the cavity wall and put a blank plate (which you can paint) over them and use a 'brush' style plate on the 'live' positions.


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