HDMI problem with Denon 1920 DVD player


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Apologies if this is not in the correct forum.

I have a Denon 1920 DVD player and a Panny TX32LXD70 LCD TV which are connected via an HDMI cable. The audio output from the DVD player goes via a co-ax cable to a Denon 1905 AV amp.

The problem I have is that on most of my DVDs the picture drops out after half an hour or so of playing. The screen goes black but the audio track carries on perfectly. Sometimes the picture comes back but often the only way to resolve it is to either disconnect and reconnect the HDMI cable or power cycle the DVD player.

The HDMI cable is not the best in the world (cost about £20) but I would still expect it to work.

Its been suggested to me that this is an HDCP handshake problem.

Any views / opinions would be greatly appreciated. I've currently resolved the issue by using a Monster component lead which is giving an extremely good picture and makes me doubt whether its worth going back to HDMI

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