HDMI ports on 50" Panasonic GT30...


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HDMI side sockets
Before I purchase my 50" GT30, I need to get some HDMI cables behind the wall,,,,
I have read many a review saying how close to the edge the HDMI sockets are on the GT30's...
Question is:
Can I get away with normal HDMI's in the side sockets on the tv?
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Or should I go for some of these shorter / slim ones?
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When its wall mounted I don't mind seeing them at the side of the TV just don't want them poking out when I'm in front of the TV...


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I have what I would call a fairly standard HDMI cable in the side of my GT30 and, when bent back towards the centre of the TV, the curve of the cable is just about flush with the side of the TV so it can't be seen from the front. If the cable was any thicker, then it wouldn't bend so tightly and I think it would be visible.

Those slimline cables do look pretty neat though - I doubt you'd have any issues with those but are you sure 1m would be long enough ? I have my sources/components directly below the TV and when I finally get round to wall-mounting it and routing cables, I think I'll be needing 2m cables.


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Think I'll go with the slimline ones just to be sure. Yes your right 1M is a touch short.. I will need the 3M ones :smashin:

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