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HDMI Pixelated vs. Component on HD Cable Box with DLP

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by e39dinan, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. e39dinan


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    I have a very nice 4ft Belkin HDMI -> DVI cable to attach my Time Warner (Scientific Atlantic) box with HDMI output to my LG 44" DLP with DVI input. This is replacing my components out from the same box to the same TV.

    While watching a show in 1080i, I noticed "pixelation" or blockyness in a scene with a large sky shot - so I quickly swapped to the old components and changed the input on the TV... blockyness GONE!

    So, why do I have pixelation/blockyness with the HDMI -> DVI cable from my TW box to the TV, and NOT with the components from the same box to the TV?

    I currently have no DVD player to run a comparison test ( :mad: )

    Any and all help is really appreciated.

  2. moopig

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    May 29, 2005
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    Bristol, UK
    The HDMI connection ought to be far superior. Doing all the de-interlacing and scaling in the digital domain at the actual resolution of the image should give the best possible picture. I can think of a few possible reasons why it might not be the case.

    The number of pixels in the source image almost certainly does not match the number on your screen. Some devices are better than others at rescaling the picture without making a pig's ear of it.

    The analogue outputs may be smoothed out by the limited analogue bandwidth in your system so that the blocks are not so obvious, or there may be deliberate noise reduction picture processing before the digital to analogue converters.

    Also, the picture sizes for your two tests may not be the same so you will see different unwanted scaling effects in each case.


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