HDMI over Ethernet or?


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Hi all,

please correct me where I am wrong with below assumptions and if there are alternatives to how to achieve what I would like then please point me in the right direction,

I’m renovating a property as a holiday rental and am looking to put have all av equipment in a cabinet locked away which will be approx 15m from the furthest tv Probably requiring a 20m run of cable.

The cabinet/ cupboard will house the below for each room.

Living Room - Av amp, Apple TV, PlayStation or similar,

Master bedroom - Av amp, apple tv

Second bedroom - Apple TV

To that end I have been looking at hdmi over Ethernet, its much easier to pull through any replacements in future and there should be no signal loss (if what I’m reading is correct that a 20m run is rather to long?

Would hdmi over Ethernet transmitters be of use here and are there any better alternatives. Ideally, CEC would still work too so as to simplify the operation of the tv’s for guests.

Any thoughts or pointers welcome and if there is much simpler direction of travel on this, please shout up!


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I'd keep it as simple and as fool proof as possible unless you plan to offer Tech support every time someone arrives on site.

TV + Soundbar in each room (preferably with a single remote) and bolt an ATV to the back of each TV and if required provide a local HDMI socket on a wall plate where folk can connect 'their' Game Console (kids bring them along for the hols)


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