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Hi folks,

I've just replaced my aging Sony LCD TV in the bedroom with a Samsung UE40F5500.
I had been using HDMI over Ethernet (2 shielded CAT6 cables) with no issues.
However, when swapping over the TVs, I couldn't get any signal on the Samsung. I think I may have got some picture on HDMI2 albeit in a magenta colour.

I also have a newer HDMI over Ethernet balun that requires only one cable and supports HDMI 1.4 and 3D, so I gave that a try. At first everything seemed fine - video and audio were present. But after listening for a while, there is a sporadic audio dropout of a few milliseconds when on a HDMI source. Probably best described as a blip. When viewing on the integrated Freeview, there is no dropout.

I suspected a fault on one of the Ethernet cables, so I tried the other. Same problem. I also tried other devices (Freeview, Blu-ray player etc.) and all three HDMI ports on the TV. Same problem.

Then I wondered if there was interference along the HDMI cables, so I bought new triple shielded 1.4 HDMI cables. Interestingly, this resulted in video but no audio whatsoever!

This leads me to believe it’s something to do with the new features of HDMI 1.4, namely Audio Return channel and Ethernet link channel.

I'd love to know your thoughts. I'm considering returning the TV, but first want to make sure it's nothing to do with my equipment.

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