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Hi all,

I'm struggling to find what and what's best to buy when it comes to hdmi over cst5e extenders. I'm building a home theatre system and putting a feed link between the pc and 4x4 HDMI matrix (still not found one of these yet either! Any suggestions under £400 welcome). The pc out is DVI then the audio is just a 3.5 jack. Is it possible to combine the DVI and audio to HDMI then run to the matrix over Cat5e extenders? I have 3 runs of cat5e between the two and it's aprox 10m. I've seen a few extenders but they all say not compatible with DVI equipment, I'm guessing this referring to the setup I'm proposing? Suggestions?




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I have a similar issue like you with my current extender so I would recommend to look carefully. I have read some good things about Octava but not sure and looking around myself. Let me know when you have found something.

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Whilst it is possible to combine DVI + Audio to create an HDMI signal it may be more cost effective/preferable to add an HDMI Graphics card to your PC!

At 10m you could run an HDMI cable between the PC and the Matrix!

How long are the cable runs from the Matrix to your various Display devices?



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Thanks for your reply, never thought of a new graphics card! Will defiantly look into that. Will a HDMI graphics card have audio combined already?

The max distance from matrix is a 15m run on a HDMI cable. I made the mistake of not running a HDMI from the pc to matrix in the first fix though. Only have 3 Cat5e. Ideally I only wanted to use 2 cables for the display feed.


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