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Good evening fellow audiovisual obsessives !

I need some help & advice please. I have just had a major result due to some amazing customer service from Sony. About four & a half years ago I purchased a KD-65A1 OLED. At the beginning of the year I noticed some picture degradation towards the centre of the screen which would appear to due to the red pixels losing some of their colour (started noticing green flesh tones etc).

I raised this with Sony (I had a 5 year warranty) & they advised me that they could offer me an A8H as a replacement.

I queried this with Sony as I felt that it was not quite a like for like replacement & that an A9H would have been more appropriate as I was worried the A8H might be a little dimmer.

Sony advised that they did not have any A9H's that they could offer me & that the next option (an A80J) was not available either.

I was ready to admit defeat when they offered me an A90J (new) as a replacement, I almost fell of my chair, kudos to Sony for making me one happy customer.

I am now faced with a conundrum that I was not expecting. As the A90J has HDMI 2.1 ports & is capable of 120hz & VRR refresh rates I need to find myself a new AVR Receiver capable of handling this.

The issue I have is that I have a slim TV stand (only 14.5cm deep) I am restricted to the one that I can chose. I am looking at the Marantz NR1711 (I only have to drive a B&W MT50 surround set up) as I previously had a NR1607 AVR.

Now this only has the one HDMI 2.1 equivalent input & I have both a PS5 & an Xbox Series X. I am therefore unsure whether to purchase a switcher (messy) or to put the PS5 into the AVR & the Xbox Series X into the TV using one of the two HDMI 2.1 ports utilising the TV/AVR's eARC capability in the other port to feed the sound back into the amp & surround speakers. Was planning on using the QED performance HDMI cables as they are slightly cheaper that the Audioquest Forset equivalent,

I also have a Hue Sync Box a gradient Light strip & a couple of Hue Play bars & have decided to wire them into Zone 2 as the Hue Sync Box cannot cope with a full 4k signal at 120hz.

Is there a more elegant solution or any other equipment that can resolve the limited HDMI 2.1 port issue on the AVR received please.

I am lucky to have this issue but would like to resolve it with the help of some clever fellow audio visual enthusiasts !


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There are now multi-port HDMI 2.1 switches on the market like this 4 port with IR remote.

I'd leave the consoles direct into the switch/TV and ARC for audio, that leaves only using the IR remote of the switch to cycle between consoles.


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I'm in a similar position.

Recently purchased an LG C1, and I'm looking to take advantage of 4K 120 VRR. I'm only looking at a 2.1/3.1 set up, and deciding what AV receiver to buy. The options are limited as far as the newest receivers that don't have the 2.1 bug.

However, I only require 1 device (PC) to support 4K 120 VRR. For this, could I just connect the PC direct to the LG C1, and then connect the C1 to the av receiver via EARC? Or even optical?

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