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HDMI not supported. (Denon Avr and Epson 6600)


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Is this a handshake issue?

When switching sources I'm getting audio but no image from the projector. The mirrored HDMI from the second output to the TV has no issue. The cable from AVR to projector is 12.5m but it's a good quality cable supplied by Allan at Ideal.

It doesn't happen that often but I've had it twice this week. Turning the AVR on and off usually solves it, if not have to restart projector and this sorts it. (Annoying as screen is in 12v trigger)

I do have Cat 5 cable run parallel to the HDMI. Is it worth trying running it over cat5 instead?
Any downside to this? Presume I'd need some sort of converter each end?

Joe Fernand

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Try connecting your Source direct to the PJ - is that any more reliable?

HDMI CEC - look for and disable on all devices.

AVR - ensure it is in Passthru non processing mode.

Deepcolor - ensure it is disabled on the Source and AVR.

HDMI over CAT can be more stable - single cat, HDBT being the best option.



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Cheers Joe. I'll have a look at those options tonight.

Would I be right in thinking an older Sony bluray player shouldn't have anymore issues than something new? Was a year or two after blurays were launched.


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Can't see HDMI cec. Can see HDMI control have turned this to off.

Video conversion is on. Should this be on it off?

Joe Fernand

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CEC - has been hijacked by the hardware manufacturers so it can be called all sorts (Anynet, BRAVIA Sync, Viera Link...) Control being the most simple naming convention!

Video conversion - I would usually let the TV handle any required conversion and set the AVR to Bypass/Off.

BD Player - no reason why an older unit should have more/less problems.

I would ensure all devices are running the most up-to-date Firmware options.



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I am just wondering whether the problem was solved. I am having the same "HDMI not supported" message with a couple between Denon AVR-X1200W and EPSON EH-TW6600 with the signal coming from PC or SonyPS4. And it really looks funny: it works fine, then the image disappears and I get the message, saying that "HDMI not supported", then the image comes back. It has worked fine for a year, but now this problem started. I have spent half an hour turning the AVR, projector or PC on and off and it did not change anything. What partially helped was switching of HDMI cables - I mean that I used the same HDMI cables but in different order. It started to work, however I still see signal flickering (disappearing and coming back). AND it worked for a year before that, why it does not work now?!!!


Reset the HDMI interface of all devices by un-powering them for at least 10 minutes.
Then try again.

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