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HDMI Matrix Help!!!!


Novice Member
Hi im looking for a solution to my problem, ok here goes.

I have 2 4k hmdi matrixes 1 has sky hd connected to 3 tvs 1(living room) sony 4k tv, 2 (kitchen) samsung d8000 full HD, 3 (bedroom) hd ready. Right thats the tvs out the way here is the problem.

Everything works perfect on TV1, but turn on TV2 ( without TV1 being on )everything works fine for a few short minutes then the screen keeps going black like its loosing signal, turn on TV1, and the problem goes away,

Turn on TV3,same problem unless TV1 is on, aslo if i put a HD chanel on TV3 the sound is like a spitfire propeller but works fine on none HD aslong as TV1 remains on,

Now ive just connected a 4th output an Epson Full HD projector this also has the same problems as TV3 the sound issue on HD channels. I initially put this problem down to the fact the 3rd TV is only HD ready but then again sky is only 1080i so now not sure whats going on with the projector.

2nd HDMI matrix is also doing the black blinking screen every few secconds this is a Pc going to same outputs display set to 1080i. Works fine if TV1 is on,

Ive turned off HDMI control on Tvs 1 and 2, apart from that i really dont know what to do,

All HDMI cables are good quality high speed version 1.4, Tv1 cable is 15m, Tv2 is 15m, Tv3 is 7m and Projector is 45m with built in signal booster.

Anyone any ideas im going crazy.

Thank you and sorry for the long post.

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