HDMI lead 10m long


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Can anyone tell me where to get one!!


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The only one i'm aware of in that length in made by a company called Wireworld. It is called the Starlight 5 HDMI cable and they do make lengths up to 10 metres. They are reputed to be the first high end HDMI cable on the market and as to be expected they are extremely expensive. You could try the link below to hificables.co.uk and give them a call to see if they can get a 10 metre one for you although they only have up to 5 metre ones listed and they are £400!!!.



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Thanks, will give them a go.

Not at all sure whether a £300 one will be that much better than a £30 one - isn't this meant to be one of the beauties of digital cables??????

I spoke to Joe Fernand yesterday and he can do 2x 5m lengths and will have connectors shortly....


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Thanks, I spoke to Joe Fernand today at tmf and he was very helpful. Problem is that although I need about 12 m the connector will be in the middle of the fireplace.

Running component for now....


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Anyone seen a 17m hdmi for sale yet?

Joe's connectors would be ideal but I would need to set them back into the wall...

PS Mod, please move this thread to the cable forum if you think that is best.......


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err you are silly spending £1000. Digital: As long as a signal gets across correctly it can't have noise because the processor inside strengthens and rectifys the signal if the input it decodable!

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