HDMI keeps disconnecting on Projector (BenQ W2700 + Marantz SR6013)


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Hi! I am pretty new to AV equipment so my knowledge is very limited. I'll try my best to give as much details as possible.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

My current setup,
Amplifier: Marantz 6013
Speakers: 5.2 setup
Projector: BenQ W2700

Used to run HDMI v1.4 cable connecting my projector to amplifier (HDMI port 1) with no issues (Usually runs at 4k, 30hz). Today, I upgraded the v1.4 HDMI cable to v2.0 and the disconnection started.

However with my new setup, it seems that the intermittent disconnection only happens when projector is in 4K + 60hz with my Chromecast Ultra. My screen blacks out then projector says that it is sourcing for HDMI, and reconnects again. Disconnection frequencies varies from 10 seconds to 2-3 minutes.

I tried using my PS4 @ 1080p + 60Hz + HDR it all went smoothly. 1080P devices like my set top box and WiiU ran smoothly at 1080p too without any disconnections.

I also tried switching my Chromecast Ultra from the "Media Player" HDMI port to "AUX2" HDMI port on my amplifier, disconnection happened still.

Seems to me then that my new cable do not seem to be able to handle 4K @ 60hz well.

I tried switching (on my amplifier) my HDMI cable from Port 1 (ARC) to Port 2 and the disconnections went away. I am able to run 4k + 60hz + HDR smoothly now.

My main question is, what could be the issue? The new HDMI cable, my HDMI port 1 or some settings that I missed out on my amplifier/projector?


1. I tried plugging my Chromecast ultra into my projector HDMI port 1 and everything ran smoothly.
2. My HDMI cable is 8 Metres and 10 metres long (1.4 and 2.0) respectively
3. Marantz SR6013 4K Signal Format is set to "Enhanced"
4. Disconnection still happens when 4K Signal Format is set to "Standard" with my new 2.0 cable. (SR 6013 HDMI PORT 1)
5. Disconnection happens when streaming both HDR and non-HDR movies on my CC Ultra. (SR6013 HDMI PORT 1)

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'Today, I upgraded the v1.4 HDMI cable to v2.0 and the disconnection started' - that would be misleading marketing by the cable supplier, HDMI cables are not version compliant.

HDMI cables have a certification system - the highest spec cables currently available being Premium High Speed or High Speed Certified and they top out at 8m.

10m HDMI - a passive copper cable is unlikely to be reliable with a 4K UHD signal, our recommendation is to look at a RuiPro4K Hybrid Fibre cable.


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