HDMI Issues With New Vizio TV

Travis Lee

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My old Vizio TV recently died and since it had been good to me for almost 10 years, I bought another Vizio. (Screenshot of the one I bought is included.)

Most everything I watch is through HDMI to my laptop and that's always been fine with other TVs and other laptops. With this particular TV and laptop combination, the audio will cut out for a split second randomly, usually a few times a minute, causing me to miss 1 word of a sentence here and there. That quickly makes everything unwatchable. It's infuriating and I've done everything I know to do. The "help" I got from Vizio wasn't help at all, the guy tried to deflect it and act like there's a problem with my laptop but my laptop works fine through HDMI with any other TV.

Every google search I try gives me solutions for having NO AUDIO at all but that is not my problem, the problem is brief little split second cut outs that happen frequently. I've used apps on the TV without HDMI and it's fine. The laptop is always perfect, includingwhen connected to many other TVs. I've been all through the settings and have no clue what this issue could be. I'm hoping I won't be forced to buy another TV, but that's pretty much where I feel this is headed.

I'd appreciate any response, even if it's not a solution and it's just someone to tell me they've also experienced this, because searching for this specific audio issue is only bringing up fixes for OTHER problems. For now, I just watch TV with the audio coming out of the laptop and I suppose I could buy laptop speakers but I don't really want to do a bunch of other **** because the damn TV should just work correctly like every other TV I've ever connected to a laptop. LOL Thanks for reading and any suggestion is welcome as long as you comprehend that the problem isn't NO AUDIO, it's very brief moments of silence. :)

-Travis Lee



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Intermittent audio dropouts usually means the HDMI cable is not up to scratch.
You said you had your previous TV for 10 years.

The new one is a 4K HDR Smart TV , so unlike your old TV which was most likely 1080p the new one is probably maxing out the HDMI cable bandwidth.

Make sure the HDMI cable is at least a "Premium" certified HDMI cable.
There is an app for scanning the hologram on properly certified cables.

Also check what format you are sending from your laptop.
Are you still sending the same resolution signal that you sent to the old TV?
The laptop may be autoswitching to UHD resolution and may not have the bandwidth on its ports to match the increased capability of the new TV.

Travis Lee

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I greatly appreciate this response. I saw it the other day and immediately ordered a new HDMI. Unfortunately, I just tried it tonight and I'm still missing an occasional word from the announcers on this baseball game. Didn't really change anything. I've been plugging headphones into the laptop and listening to stuff like that while I'm using HDMI.

I didn't mention this before but it's a new $1500 laptop that I just bought recently as well and it does just fine with HDMI on other people's modern TVs, even with the HDMI cords I already had. It's very odd that this specific combination in my own living room is the ONE place it's doing this. Lol

I'll mess around with the resolution stuff and reply to you again. Thanks again for taking the time! At least there is some thought put into your suggestions, much more than I got from Vizio.

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