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HDMI Issues Denon X3300w


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Hello All. First time post in the community and would value some expert advice. Just upgraded from a Pioneer VSX 2021 to a Denon X3300w. Existing 7.1 setup with monitor audio speakers and a velodyne sub. BT UHD box, Panasonic plasma TV. Epson TW6100 projector. Grandview screen. PS4 Pro. All played nicely together.

Had a professional installer in yesterday he upgraded interconnects to hdmi cables that support latest a protocols, digital optical from the TV to the amp and some speaker work (they are in wall). Everything went smoothly up to the final step of setting up the Denon.

Audessey speaker setup fine. Can see the Denon OSD fine. Then started to set up the inputs. TV got audio, no video. same for the PS4 and projector. Exiting the setup we get an error saying get a message saying content cant be displayed because my tv doesnt support HDCP. Ok I know this.

Did the Denon firmware update. PS4 firmware up to date. Not done the plasma yet. It's 4 years old. 1080p max display.

Did the root cause stuff. Swaped all the cables. Same issues. Direct connect the TV/projector to PS4/BT box, no issue. Reconnected everthing through the amp.
My installer tried a blustream HDMI manager on the Denon outputs and set it to HDMI 1.3, 7.1 - hey presto we get a picture and audio together. Magic.

After reading various threads (including on BT TV and PS4) I'm near the conclusion that it's a handshake/output/HDCP issue. The Denon by default is pushing out HDMI with HDCP 2.2 as default and not autoswitching to match the input/output devices. My TV does not like and there's a similar issue as to why my PS4 can't get through to the amp to the output. Spookily PS4 picture did not get through, then it worked, then it stopped working again. There appears to be a workaround for the PS4 to switch of HDCP 2.2. Not tried that yet. Finally, and this is baffling, plugged in my Amazon fire stick (last generation) to the front HDMI, works first time! So the amp likes the fire stick and happily sends the signal to the TV. Not validated if the from HDMI port is it is not 2.2 compliant.

Apologies for war and peace. Before I send the one day old amp back for something else that does not have the issues, would appreciate some guidance. All I want to do is watch movies, TV and listen to music easily.




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You say the TV is 4 years old. If that is the case HDCP2.2 may not be supported by the TV.

HDCP2.2 is initiated if the source content is copyright ptotected by HDCP2.2
quote from CNET

The encryption on the keys in version 2.2 is more advanced than previous versions which, in theory, makes the whole chain harder to break. One other interesting change with 2.2 is a "locality check." The source sends a signal to the sink, and if the sink doesn't get that signal within 20ms, the source kills the connection. In theory, this shouldn't cause any issues in home setups, even over long HDMI runs (unless you have more than 3,740 miles of cable).


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Hi fx300. Thanks for this. Since posting I've made a little progress. I switched off hdcp in my playstation settings and ran an optical cable to the amp, reassigned the 2nd optical to the game input and I now have the PS4 speaking to the amp and it's outputting to the projector. I still have to use the hdmi manager box just now. I might just bite the bullet and buy a 4k TV as it was on my list..


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Yes indeed.....many choices for 4K UHD now so may be a wise choice.


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What is the amplifier output resolution set to? If it were me I would go to the video settings and make sure the following settings look like this:

Output Settings:
Video Mode: Auto
Video Conversion: Off
i/p Scaler: Off
Resolution: 1080p
Progressive Mode: Auto
Aspect Ratio: 16:9

HDMI Setup:
HDMI Audio Out: AVR
HDMI Pass Through: (user preference)
Pass Through Source: (user preference)
RC Source Select: (user preference)
HDMI Control: Off
ARC: Off
TV Audio Switching: Off
Power Off Control: Off
Power Saving: Off
Smart Menu: Off

Hope the above helps.


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Are you trying to use the same input for both zones (HDMI outputs) at the same time? If so, this normally causes issues and is best not to try and output the same input to both zones/outputs at the same time.

Joe Fernand

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'upgraded interconnects'!

AVR to PDP and Projector - how long are these cables and are those the cables you have changed out?

UHD_ Sources - as both of your display devices 'only' support HD set all of your Sources to 1080i or 1080p.

AVR - try toggling its HDMI Outputs between A and B rather than the usual default of A+B.

HDCP - by default an AVR should not be pushing out anything, it should be an intermediary in a 'conversation' which takes place between the Sink (Display) and the Source.

BT - try unplugging this device from the AVR and see how you get on with your other Sources, ideally you want to be powering all devices off at the wall when making connectivity changes.

EDID/HDCP Manager - if all else fails a decent converter box may be the option to replacing the AVR, the HDF Linker is the unit we usually use (Linker – The Media Factory).



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Hello Joe, mbmapit - apologies for the VERY long time to respond to this. My pesky email spam software caught your replies to me. Also I shelved this for a bit after buying a 4K TV (Sony) that I was happy to watch new content on!

Thank you both so much for your advice, I really appreciate it. I've applied all of your collective guidance today and here is where I am. I can play my PS4 and BT box through the AVR onto the Sony TV with no issues on it. I've got the PS4 set up to push audio through an optical input.

After taking your advice I've arrived at the following scenario. Ensuring my TV is off, trying the PS4 as a source, with zone 1 on, I get no picture through my projector, but I do get audio via the AVR.

When I switch Zone 1 off and switch zone 2 on I get the PS4 to display but no audio (I take it that is because I have the optical from the PS4 assigned elsewhere. At the moment, having sat and watched the behaviour, the picture stays stable for about 4 minutes then it drops then re-establishes itself after 10 seconds....but there is still not sound coming out via the AVR.

I can however play audio through headphones attached to the PS4 controller :). There seems to be no consistency to the picture drop out. Not sure if this is related but when I plug my headphones into my controller to get audio, I'm sitting playing a game 8+ minutes in with no picture drop.

On the BT box, its a similar issue. With Zone 1, I can get audio as normal but no video. When I switch to Zone 2 - no audio or video however when I press the "CBL/SAT" input on Zone 2, the standard blue screen disappears from the projector and and the screen goes blank.

In both cases I was double checking that the TV was not on.

Joe - thanks for the link to the Linker device. I've tried a couple over the last few months - DR HDMI and a splitter (just in case) with no success. I was going to buy a bluestream box but got a bit hacked off. I don't mind paying that amount of money for a good quality device.

Any further guidance from you both would be much appreciated. I've checked I can still get decent money for my Epson on the likes of eBay and coupling the cost of a Linker, I'm not too far away from a decent entry level projector. My only concern is will I still have the same issue if I buy a new projector?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and apologies again for my super slow response.



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Hi All.
I have a similar issue with my Denon 3300, the HDMI OUT stopped working.

I reset the AVR to factory default and it asks me to follow the instructions on the screen to setup.

I tried various cables, changed TVs still nothing comes out.

Is there any possibility on the AVR to check if the board is okay? I had this option on an d Yamaha AVR. What other options do i have before going to a repair shop?

Thanks a lot!


Novice Member
Hi All.
I have a similar issue with my Denon 3300, the HDMI OUT stopped working.

I reset the AVR to factory default and it asks me to follow the instructions on the screen to setup.

I tried various cables, changed TVs still nothing comes out.

Is there any possibility on the AVR to check if the board is okay? I had this option on an d Yamaha AVR. What other options do i have before going to a repair shop?

Thanks a lot!
Hi I have exactly the same problem. Did you find any solution?Thanks a lot!!

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