HDMI issue?


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Not sure if this has been discussed previously or is the best place to ask so apologies if I do wrong.

I have a Denon AVR 2700. PS5 and V6 TiVo linked in. Then from amp into Hisense tv.
On ps5 and some TiVo viewing I am getting tiny white specks flashing all over the image. Horrendous viewing if a dark scene.

I think my HDMI cables are 1.4. Is that the cause? Is it a poor tv?

if it’s the cables where is the best place to get proper certified ultra fast cable?

thanks in advance
Sounds very much like an HDMI issue. But please note that HDMI cables are not rated as 1.4. 2.0 etc. What you need is premium high speed /Ultra high speed HDMI cables. Many people swear by Amazon basics - personally I prefer to use Audioquest Pearl which are still inexpensive. Make sure you use the shortest cables possible, <5M . If you try to use 15M cables you are asking for trouble.


I'm using an Audioquest Pearl which came free with my last AV amp purchase. Works fine with a 4K signal. Thrown the box away so can't categorically say they are certified. Can't remember if it had that funny thing you read with mobile phoneys. I also have no problems with 4K signals from the leads supplied with a SkyQ box either, so no need to pay a fortune.
Are audioquest pearl certified? Does that matter? I only need 3x3m cables so should be ok length wise.
No, they are not certified - probably because they have to pay a fee. Lack of certification however does not mean substandard - Audioquest have a strong reputation to uphold, and I prefer to place my faith in that rather than a company that has paid for a certificate. Each to their own though, the certified cables are obviously of a good standard as well.


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I use these cables from Juicebitz, with my 4K kit. No issues whatsoever, come in various lengths and has a lifetime guarantee. They also sell optical, coax/75ohm Shielded RCA's etc. Great customer service. Cables are very well built too. Here's their eBay store:


Very reasonable prices too (depending on length). You don't need to spend huge sums of money on cables imo to get great quality

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I like custom lynx for cables but not sure if these are too cheap to be good enough?
It's not about price, but whether they work!

If you buy cables that have been through the certification process, then you should be safe that they have been tested and are known to work as advertised. They are not usually more expensive than non certified ones, so seems an obvious choice.

Look for the certification logo:


There are plenty on Amazon, and also Monoprice sell direct:

It is of course all about whether they work or not. Which is why I use Audioquest Pearls because (as per Gibbsy) I know that they work. Certified cables should of course work, but i've never used one so can't personally endorse.


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Sorry guys it has to be done, but I used these last time and they work perfectly well and are certified,


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