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HDMI Issue with TV


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Hi there.

I would really appreciate some advice on a problem i'm having with a Philips 26PF5521D tele.

I've had this for a good few years now and only ever needed to use one of the two HDMI slots.

I now need to use the second slot but this is where I'm having issues.

Originally I had a freesat box plugged into HDMI 2 and this worked no problem at all.

I now have an xbox 360 with HDMI that I have plugged into HDMI 1. FOr some reason though, it doesn't recognise it as being HDMI, and my XBox thinks its DVI connection.

I've swapped them around when the xbox is in slot 2, it works correctly, and the freesat box doesn't work in HDMI slot 1.

So I'm pretty sure theres something not right with HDMI 1.

DOes anyone know if there is a setting or something that I need to do to sort it and make it act as a HDMI and not DVI?

Thank you very much in advance,



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What exactly is happening when you use that slot , is it a case of no sound or does it not work at all.

Pin for pin , HDMI and DVI are identical , the only difference usually is that DVI interfaces dont do sound.

Sometimes there is a slot on a TV that says HDMI/DVI , but this just means that if your using a DVI>HDMI cable that there is a separate sound input that works with that slot.
In most cases , if you connect a straight HDMI source , it should work as normal.


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Hi Andy.

Thanks very much for the reply.

When I plug the Xbox 360 in, there is picture, but no sound. When I look at the display settings on the xbox, it says DVI.

When I plug the freesat in, there is picture and no sound again, but the picture goes after a few seconds.

It does say HDMI 1 and HDMI 2.

WHat do you think is wrong with it?


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Have you checked the manual for your set it could state whether the HDMI 1 port is a computer compatible port or not ?

Are there any phono input ports (red/white audio or Audio L/R as Philips sometimes calls it) on the back of the TV if so & you get your hands on the official Xbox 360 HDMI cable it comes with an audio ouput dongle for digital (optical output) and analogue (red/white phono).

That would side step the problem of no audio.
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The manual is here ,


On page 29 of the actual manual , ( page 33 of the pdf) it explains how to set up the HDMI ports for either PC mode ( that would be DVI with sound supplied separately ) or TV mode , which presumably would be HDMI working with sound and picture as normal.

Its under the section " using the PC menus " and there is an audio selection option in there.

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