hdmi input too component out


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Looking to have an hdmi input (from htpc ) output to component.
Would either an onkyo 608 or Yamaha 667 do this.

It would be a 720p from htpc to amp (hdmi) then amp to projector(component)




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There is no AVR that can do this as there is a protection system that does not allow it. If you want to output in component you need to input via component or composite unfortunately.


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Have a look for the HDFury device. The mk3 version has hdmi input and RGB or YUV output. I use the mk1 version (DVI in) with my Barco projector and it is fantastic.



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The following gives a good idea of what is and isn't allowable:


This is the usually setup when dealing with AV amps that have onboard video conversion capabilities.

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