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HDMI - Input/Output Question


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Hi All,

Looking for some general advice regarding HDMI - Input/Output (as the title would suggest :))

I have a Popcorn Hour A-110 which currently has an internal 1TB HDD and connected to my Plasma telly in the Livingroom.

However the plan is to purchase a NAS solution (Synology DS509+). As part of the master plan (queue evil laughter for no apparent reason) I would like to purchase a telly for the kitchen and bedroom.

I would like the telly in the bedroom and kitchen to be able to access the Popcorn Hour A-110 as well as the Telly in the Livingroom.

Is it possible to have a HDMI patch panel with an input (one say) and 3 or 4 ouputs?
Can I then run hdmi cabling from the patch panel to an hdmi wall socket?

Hopefully that makes sense.
As part of my search I have found some wall sockets:

Chrome HDMI Wall Plates

However I cannot really find anything in the way of patch panels. I also cannot find any cables for patching.

Can anyone help or advise please???


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Have a look at an HDMI matrix. LINK1 LINK2

I'm not sure about using those wall plate connectors. HDMI is a PITA and by introducing another break in the signal path is just asking for trouble, particularly if the cable lengths are long as it simply was never designed for this. Speak to Joe in the cables forum, he should be able to advise further.

Joe Fernand

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Hello colinwilson45

As davepuma says HDMI can be a bit of a pain due to the DDC, EDID and HDCP data layers that run alongside the video and audio signals.

If your taking an HDMI equipped source and wanting to be able to view it on two or more Displays simultaneously your looking for a Distribution Amp - some will have one Input some will have multiple Inputs.

Media Factory - Octava HDDA34-UK, 3x4 HDMI switch/distribution amp.

A Matrix switch is possibly overkill unless you require the ability to view multiple sources simultaneously.

I guess another option is to add more Popcorn hours around the house - that way you can all do your own thing rather than share a single source.


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