HDMI Input issue


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Hey guys,

I notice something straneg with my E6 hdmi inputs lately.

Basically i have SKY,AVR,PC directly to my TV in the same order as listed, recently ive added ps5 into hdmi4 input, and ive notice something really annoying.

Whenever i use PC hdmi3 - and swtich between sky and avr and back to pc all is good, but when i switch to HDMI 4 in and back to PC signal is lost, and i need to replug hdmi cable for my pc to have picture back. Switching from HDMI4 to AVR, SKY is all fine and its only happening when i switch to my PC hdmi 3.

I've tried unplugging ps5 and switch hdmi input between PC IN3 and HDMI 4 and same problem, so then i tried to put PC into HDMI 4 and see yet same problem.

I just dont get it why PC signal is fine when switching between hdmi 1,2 inputs but everytime i do switch involving hdmi 4 my pc always lose signal :/


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But I don't know why would this matter, cause I checked hdmi input 4 without ps5 plugged in, and as well I tried plugging in PC hdmi in input 4 and same issue once I switched do diff input on telly.

I can switch pc in hdmi 3 to sky avr and its all fine switching back to pc, its always when I switch to input 4 pc losing signal after switching back

And this only issue involve PC, cause when I switch from input 4 to sky or avr none of those losing signal.

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