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Dear all,

I have been 'out of the scene' for a few years now since I installed my home cinema. Today, I have a Yamaha RX-V2400RDS amp which has the following connected

TV (Panasonic TH-42PH11) - component
SkyHD - composite
LG 550 BluRay player - component
Speakers - Canton One (5.1 configuration)

My amp does not have any HDMI connections which is why I am looking at upgrading.
The TV only has a component board and to purchase a HDMI board is around £200 new (£100 second hand).

My question is, are there any amps on the market now where you can input HDMI and output Component or is my only solution is to look at upgrading my amp as well as my TV?

Many thanks


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The are no AV receivers that will input HDMI and output component (it is a license thing and not a technical issue so not going to change). You can get items like the HDfury which will do the job but upgrading your TV will most likely be cheaper and certainly easier to use etc once done.
So unfortunately it is going to be a TV and receiver upgrade.


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I was 99% sure on the answer, but if you don't ask...

Time to start the journey (again) into looking for a new amp and a new tv

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