Question HDMI Hub: how to get audio on my optical output?


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I've got a simple installation with three sources (Xbox 360, Xbox One, Raspberry Pi) and two outputs (a LG Smart TV and a projector). I recently bought a Ligawo HDMI Hub with 4 HDMI inputs, 2 HDMI outputs and an optical audio output.

Although I can select the video source and it works on both the TV and the projector, I get no sound for example on the Xbox One through the optical audio. I'm pretty lost here and I don't know if I can get an optical audio signal from the input HDMI through the Ligawo Hub to my AV receiver (a pretty modest Sony model).

I've tried to configure the Xbox One audio options in its Settings without luck, and I wanted to know if what I'm trying to do is possible or not.



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I don't have an Xbox one nor a Ligawo.. However I do have a PS4 outputting HDMI And extracting the audio.

Can you select the audio output format within the Xbox one to Dolby Digital / DTS or 5.1? It might be sending over PCM or something which won't go over optical in full surround mode.

I've had a quick google. I would suggest BitStream out over HDMI and Dolby Digital.



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I've found the right settings!

HDMI - Stereo uncompressed
Optical - Bitstream out
Bitstream format - DTS

Working flawlessly! Yes ;)

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