HDMi handshake issue??


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I have a Panasonic TV and a Panasonic blu ray surround sound system. Once they are both activated, I can put in a film and when it automatically starts playing it also turns the TV over onto the DVD channel.
However, once this film is finished if I remove it and place in another film it will automatically start playing but the TV will not turn over. The annoying part here is if I then turn the TV over the Blu Ray player reverts to its TV setting so I start getting audio for whatever channel the Tivo box is on. I know that I could turn off the Tivo but can someone explain to me why this happens both ways and can I resolve it??

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It sounds like you have an HDMI CEC problem – Panasonic calls its ‘implementation’ VIERA Link!

HDMI - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It would be worth a system reboot to begin with – power everything Off at the wall, leave a few secs then repower.

If you are still having problems try disabling VIERA Link on both devices and then try another reboot – it would also be worth ensuring both devices are running the latest firmware, you can check if there are updates available via the Panasonic UK site.

It’s also worth noting that not all HDMI Inputs on the TV may be CEC compliant – check the User Manual!



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First I rebooted everything, no change. Then I made sure the software on both TV and Blu Ray were up to date (which they were) so I disabled the Viera link and rebooted with no change. Put everything back to where it was and still at the point where I was before?? Don't think there is a work around with this one??

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