Hdmi garphics card for PC to Pioneer XDE


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Tried like everybody else to get my pc connected to my XDE via the HDMI port about 9 months ago and failed miserably. Tried different graphics cards, software screen calibration etc..., but the results were poor to say the least. Decided to wait for the HDMI graphics cards later this year.

I am about to try again with a new HDMI graphics card, but I thought I'd ask before investing in another card to see if there has been any resolution to this issue?



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What were your problems you were getting....I use my PC with my 436xde with the VGA input and the HDMI input...

With the HDMI input you will never be able to get 1:1 pixel mapping on the 436xde because of the overscan on the HDMI input...

1:1 pixel mapping is only possible with the vga input on the 436xde..


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I was getting overscan and poor resolution. VGA connection is fine, but looks terrible with a VGA lead coiled around in front of the media box.

Tried powerstrip with both NVIDIA and ATI cards with not much success.

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