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I want to connect two receivers, both Sony through HDMI. I have HDMI out of receiver 1 to an HDMI 4 port splitter. I want to run an HDMI cable from that splitter to another room and plug into receiver 2 to run a TV and speakers in room two. Will this work? Will there be a delay, which is an issue due to these rooms being side by side. I am just not sure if two receivers would do the HDCP Handshake.


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Does one of your receivers have a Zone 2 enabled HDMI output?

Normally speaking when an AVR is processing audio it will only send the Video to the TV on its output so your 2nd AVR wouldn't get any audio.

Some AVRs have either a separate Zone 2 HDMI or the second output can sometimes be assigned to zone 2, this will get audio and video, on my Marantz I can watch the same or a different source in the second room.


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Receiver 1 is a Sony STR-DN 1040. It has two HDMI Outputs but doesn't designate either one as Zone 2. It does have Zone 2 analog outputs, but it will not pass any digital signals through these. The 2nd receiver is a Sony STR-DN 1030. Basically what I am trying to do is add audio/video to the addition I am putting on the Mancave. The Main receiver is already using all the speaker outputs. My thought were to go the HDMI route, I am trying to achieve the same audio/video in perfect sync in both areas. I do have a HDMI run about 75ft to the back deck and plugged directly into a TV. It does pass audio to this TV and the TV feeds a soundbar. There is a slight delay in the sound but I think it may have something to do with the TV processing the audio before it sends it to the soundbar via Optical. My main concern may be will the receiver's do the handshake.

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