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So I recently purchased a new tv LG 50UN80006LC
I also have an LG home theatre system modal BH7440P
for the freeview I have. ONE FOR ALL SV9143 Full HD Amplified Indoor TV Aerial

using 2 sandstorm hdmi silver edition 3m
And sandstorm optical cable 3m silver edition

So my tv Setup is Xbox one,PS4 connect via hdmi all work fine I have my freeview aerial connected to the back as standard I have optical from tv to home theatre system for sound for all
When I connect my home theatre system blu ray player via hdmi to tv my freeview signal completely drops when I unplug the hdmi from the blue ray signal comes back

is this a defective home theatre system or tv or aerial I’m completely stuck and confused

thanks 🙏


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I would check the routing of your cables to begin with. Separate the aerial and HDMI cables. What happens if you connect the BR player to the TV?


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As soon as I connect the br player to the tv via hdmi my freeview signal instantly drops to no signal

I will try and separate the hdmi from the aerial


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Try replacing the HDMI cable. It doesn't matter if it's an expensive brand or a Poundland cheap one, Amazon basics are all you need.
They have been known to radiate spurious RF knocking out Freeview channels especially if an indoor set-top type aerial is in close proximity to it.


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So regards to my issue I was up in my loft and found an old aerial so I set that up with satellite cable (ct100) and that has seem to doubled my channels on freeview and some of the interference with signal

Another question is freeview picture quality normally poor as mine are watchable but no way are they 4K uhd


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There are no Freeview UHD broadcasts.
You need Sky, Virgin Media or or a player and 4K discs to watch UHD on your TV.


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No Freeview can be broadcast in either SD or HD but not 4k(UHD). The channels should confirm if they are in HD or not. e.g. BBC One HD as you still get BBC One (which is the SD version)

You need a decent signal to be able to get a Freeview HD signal which your indoor aerial(s) might not be capable of.

The Curry's cables are overpriced for what you need, there is no improvement in PQ quality to be gained. Some cables might be more susceptible to interference but price as you have found out is not necessarily an indicator.

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