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Having finally got the M1 adaptor I managed to hook up my Denon 2910 to my Infocus 4805 projector with a Better Cables HDMI lead. I have a problem with flicker whereby every few seconds a horizontal white line appears in the picture and occassionaly it all judders . This makes it completely unwatchable :thumbsdow . I thought I managed to correct it yesterday with a new power lead to the projector but it is back again. Today I tried an admittedly basic surge protector which also claims to help regulate the power supply but it still won't go away. I've checked all the cables etc. As I have never used the hdmi out of the dvd or the input on the projector it is difficult to know where the problem is. All I know is it works fine with analogue. Anyone any idea? :lease:


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I have more in the way of questions than I do direct help I'm afraid. Firstly, what software revision is installed on your 4805? The reason I ask is that I upgraded mine to 1.13 and found that I had a flicker (Interlaced component).

I downgraded the software back to 1.02 and it cured my problem. I know Infocus are looking into this so now is a good time to mention it to them.

What was your impression (flicker aside) of the quality of the HDMI picture compared to analogue? Where did you get the adapter from (any catalogue number)?




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Not sure of the version Bob without checking. Will do tonight. I have not upgraded it myself and it is the out of box setting for a 3 month old one. I got the adaptor from www.mediaatlantic.com and price was half that of anywhere else I found. It is the proper Infocus one (Molex). Picture quality the 2 times I have got it working without the flicker was good. Having said that before I was using a bog standard 5m phono lead to the yellow video input of the projector and so was that. In quality terms this is the bottom of the scale and the difference was not that pronounced.


See my comment on the thread of the same name in the dvd section on 2910 and HDMI issues...

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