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Hi, first post - yay.
I'm looking to help a family member with fault finding a problem with an existing system. It's quite a simple system, CCTV NVR displays its HDMI signal to a domestic TV. The current setup, NVR -> passive HDMI / twin ethernet extender kit -> TV. This setup has failed and for this stage of the troubleshooting I want to replace the HDMI/Ethernet extenders. The ones in use now have no dedicated power supply and I'd prefer to replace with a similar type as power outlets are scarce. There is a lot of choice of these simple devices on various sites and I wondered if anyone could recommend a brand/model. The cable run is less than 15m. I have attached a PC and monitor over the existing cabling in the appropriate transmit / receive setup. With the monitor and PC setup I can expected one of two outcomes with this test.
1. PC image displayed on PC monitor - success.
2. No PC image on the monitor accompanied by a 'no signal' message on the monitor.

However, I got neither result. Just a blank screen with an OSD message ' Entering Power Save'. To my simple head I thought this might mean that some signal was reaching the PC monitor but it was corrupted by a degraded extender.
Hence, first stop, replace the extender kit.
Any help out there?


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First step is to plug the NVR directly into the TV and confirm it can display the output via a normal HDMI connection - the TV will probably be expecting a limited range of resolutions and refresh rates, so once you know that works you can then focus on the extenders.

If you still get no picture when using an HDMI cable then you’ll have to find a method of accessing the NVR settings to adjust the HDMI output to a resolution and refresh rate that will work with the TV.

So if it’s a display settings issue you may be luckily and find the existing extenders work for e once you have the correct output resolution settings

If you are buying new extenders then any that re unpowered are going to be hit and miss - the HDMI ports in devices are not meant to be used to power external devices, so something it all works fine, and other times you hit issues with unreliable operation or even no operation at all. You can get extenders where both ends are powered from the transmitter, which means picking up power at the NVR.

I only ever use extenders that utilise the HDBaseT standards, as these have proved to be very reliable in my installs over the years. I’ve had far too much grief with extenders that use their own proprietary methods and while being cheap, often do not comply with the standard for HDMI, and have little support if there are issues. I’ve been unlucky enough to have instances where cheap extenders have failed and damaged the equipment to which they were connected, so I stick with decent brands only these days.
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