HDMI eARC Audio Extractor?? Can they all just passthru eARC 5.2.2 or whatever?


I am trying to get audio from my Home Theater system to a small amp to power my Bass Shakers on a couch. But I am not sure of what is the best solution?

I have HDMI eARC going between my LG OLED77CX to my new Denon S750H AVR. All of my audio output connections from the AVR are used for the speakers and subwoofers. Didn't think the idea of 'splitting' off of a speaker to get the audio. Would that degrade that speakers audio? Also tried splitting off the Subwoofer's preamp out, but that of course didn't work. Then I though of using an output from my LG TV. I plugged a 3.5mm jack into the Headphone output on the back of the TV with an RCA splitter to my little amp, and IT WORKED GREAT!!. Except that the speakers all muted when the headphone jack is used.

Then I wondered if the 'Satellite Speaker output' on one of my Subwoofers would work. But I think I still need to send the audio from the amp to the 'speaker input' to make them work. (because they didn't) By this point I am exposed as a major noob. ;-)

Then, yesterday, I wondered if I could extract the audio from the HDMI eARC connection. Do I need a HDMI Audio Extractor that says it handles eARC/ARC? Or do they all handle it? Or if they have a 'Pass Through' switch, will it just pass through whatever(eARC/ARC/5.1/5.2.4/etc...) comes from the TV & AVR with no problems.

Any suggestions to solve this problem are greatly appreciated!!

Captain Ron

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As it's just another sub output you want why not simply split the output from an existing subwoofer output on the AVR?
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Yes, or course that was my first thought too. But the signal wasn't strong enough. I had to turn my 100w amp up all the way to just get a little vibration. So then I went to my AVR and turned up the db on the Subs, and it did shake more(but not like they should), but my Subs were way too loud. So, I turned down my 2 Subs Gain to about 20%. This all seemed too wrong, so I went to a local Home Theater AV store and asked them about it. And they said that the Sub output from the AVR was not the way to go. (said the 'line level' or something like that was wrong). I shouldn't turn my AVR's SW output db to the max, I could blow my speakers if I accidently turned their Gain up. Good Point, and it didn't shake like it should anyhow.

PS: I have a flight sim triple monitor setup with a separate sound card;2 Pyle amps, and 6 puck transducers that shakes great. And I know what these bigger shakers should be doing. They were only shaking about 30-40% of what they are capable of.
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