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    I recently purchased a Hughes Direct TV HDTV receiver with Tivo to replace my Sony Direct TV HD receiver. The Sony Unit fed my Zenith Rear Projection HDTV (about 4 years old) via a VGA input and provided excellent picture quality. The New Tivo unit has either an HDMI output, a DVI output (via a cable that converts HDMI to DVI) or component out. TV only has component or VGA "digital" inputs - no HDMI or DVI. The unit works OK with the component hookup but the picture quality is inferior to my previous VGA hookup. I purchased a DVI to VGA adaptor but the Zenith TV registers "no signal" - I'm told this is because the VGA input is still really an analog signal while DVI is digital. Is there any answer here other then "living with" the component signal or shelling out for a new HDTV?

    thanks - ted

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