HDMI/DVI switchers?


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Hello gents. I know these questions are asked all the time (I did a search) but I can't make head nor tail of the answer, or can't find the exact question I need answering.

You see, I have a Philips 32" HD ready tv that has a DVI point as it's only HD connection. I have a PS3 and a 360, the PS3 connected with an HDMI-DVI adaptor and the 360 connected with a VGA-DVI adaptor. It's the same with audio, the tv has one DVI audio in socket which I have a plug for but have to keep switching that too.

This means that I have to keep disconnecting one every time I have to use another which is getting a little annoying.

I've seen various HDMI switch boxes around to solve these problems, but as I understand it because I connect using the DVI adaptors, I will still have a problem with audio connection (ie, having to keep switching my audio connection).

So, if I was to buy a switch box, would I be able to connect my 360 (VGA-DVI) and PS3 (HDMI-DVI) to it and both audio sources?

I hope that question makes sense to you, I think I have got it right. Please help, I'm pulling my hair out trying to fnd an answer!


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Are you looking for something like this?

Hope that helps

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