hdmi/dvi switch box problem


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i have just got a bandridge 4 port hdmi/dvi switch box

had a quick 10min try out with it this morning before work, and as per usual with things in the av world - had no luck :)

im going vga in with a vga-dvi adaptor to the 1st input and was outing via its hdmi output to a philips 32" lcd

no joy - then had to leave for work

am i right in thinking tho that the 360 will not output via a hdmi in any way no matter what sort of switch box etc its connected to? ie i need to output via the DVI for it to maybe work?

i have a right pain with my tv 32pf9986 only HD input is dvi

i want to connect a Wii,360 and hmdi DVD player -

seems if this does not work my best option may be the joytech 360 control centre and just connect everything via component.


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VGA to HDMI will not work with a simple switch box.
This is because VGA is analogue and HDMI is digital.
The diffence between them is blurred by DVI-I, which is capable of analogue and digital - but that doesn't mean it can convert from one to another.

You can get converters that will do this, I think I saw one for £165.

It is much better for you to use Component and get a Component switch (good qulaity remote controlled one, like this) for your Wii and XBox 360 and use HDMI for the DVD player.


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thats my problem the tv has only 1 dvi input.

i think i may has sussed it.

if the internals on the switch box for the dvi inputs are all fully wired then the analog signal from the 360 vga lead via the vga-dvi adaptor should make it to the DVI out from the switch box.

So if that turns out to be the case all i need is a DVI-I lead to carry the analog signal :)

If that does not work i will give up and just get a decent component switch as you suggested and just use the comp out on the DVD player - not the end of the world :thumbsup:

thanks for the input anyways!


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slight bump

Does anyone out there use there 360 via VGA then VGA/DVI adaptor in to a DVI switch box?

I dont mine spending a fair bit to get a decent one - just that im not 100% sure it will even work.

Im sure if its a DVI-I switcher its should work.

i want one that carries audio as welll as currently i am not using an AV amp.


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i was looking at the banbridge box as well, it looks perfect for what i need, did you get it to work?? i think i must have the same tv as you or a very similar model, its a phillips and only has a single dvi input. i got a wii recently and ive got a 360, the picture from both is superb, but having to constantly plug and unplug is getting really annoying. id really like to get this switcher but im concerned about it working properly as its really expensive.

currently i have a component cable for my wii going through a dvi adapter and im using a VGA cable for my 360 again with a dvi adapter.

cheers if anyone can help.

heres a link for the product:


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i never got it to fully work so in the end ive gone a semi nightmare solution

tv as you say has just the one DVI input that can accept component but only prog over comp - no interlaced (which is kinda sucky with a wii)

solution for connecting my 360/wii/ps2 and dvd player as best as the whole setup will allow (dvd player is upscaling with hdmi/dvi but i have had to drop that and go component so only prog scan)

joyetch 540c control centre and a kramer vp-201xl vga switch


wii/ps2/dvd all connected to the 540c via comp - then ixos comp to vga lead from the 540c to one input on the kramer and the 360 via vga to the other input on the kramer.

the 360 audio in the last spare 540c input then the audio output from there straight into the tv (no amp/speaker setup as yet)

finaly a vga to dvi-i lead straight from the kramer output into the TV dvi socket

total nightmare to sort in the first place - cost a bomb in wasted cables/switch boxes and still a lot of cash when i finaly sussed what i did need to get it all working. Works like a dream now tho and only thing you have to do is switch the 540c to right input and switch the kramer from either the 360 or all the others. 2 button presses so no biggie.

very chuffed now tho and its even better as ive just got the 360 HD add on as well :)

ps you could acheive the same with one of the much cheaper VGA switch boxes you can get from maplin/ebay etc but im a quality whore and in the electronics game so i could get the kramer no hassles. Plus its a nice small neat box so fits in better!

pps in hindsight its prolly a damn sight easier just to buy a nice shiny new TV! lol :)

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