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HDMI/DVI Success over 11m!

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by Paul D, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. Paul D

    Paul D
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    Dec 27, 2000
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    I've just received my HDMI/DVI cables from Joe at the Media Factory.

    I would just like to thank Joe for his fantastic customer service!
    He has constantly kept me updated with events, whilst awaiting his shipment from the US. (i have had to do zero chasing etc)

    I had ordered:-
    all Better Cables "display magic" leads...

    1m HDMI to DVI
    2m DVI to DVI
    9m DVI to DVi

    2x1 DVI switcher

    However, after my initial order, i realised a 4x1 switcher might be a better idea with Euro1080 satellite/future Sky boxes rumoured to be offering DVI(HDMI) etc.

    So i phoned Joe and asked if i could change the order.
    Not only was it not a problem, but he would ship the 2x1 to me, and when the 4x1 arrived i could ship the 2x1 back!:clap:
    As it happened, i decided to just wait for the 4x1, but the offer above is true customer service!

    Think that good service?
    Well it gets even better!!!:eek:

    Joe phoned yesterday and informed me that the switcher does infact include four 2m DVI to DVI cables. And did i still want the display magic DVI 2m lead etc.
    I explained that since the main lead was 9m already, i thought the 2m display magic lead would be needed to avoid sparklies etc(11m total length!).
    His reply was to say that if a found that the standard supplied lead worked, then i could just return the Display Magic lead saving me nearly £68!

    I tried the standard 2m DVI lead to the switcher, and it works flawlessly.
    The (GefenHDTV) switcher manual does state that it "regenerates" the DVI signal, so in theory as long as the signal gets to the switcher intact, it is then re-transmitted fully along the output lead etc.
    Bettercables guarantees their 9m DVI cable, and as proved by my testing, really does work!

    I tried both the 1m HDMI to DVI lead from my Pioneer 868i, and the 2m DVI lead from my Computer(then switched via the 9m DVI). Both are running 1280x720p and not a single sparkly or astroid was seen!

    So thanks again to Joe, i will be sending the 2m DM cable back.(will phone Monday etc).

    I'm still testing the difference between HDMI/DVI and component on my 868i. Up to now i've found the difference to be minimal, but i have several settings to try, so we'll see!

  2. Joe Fernand

    Joe Fernand
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    Jan 20, 2002
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    The Borders
    Hello Paul

    Many thanks for the excellent feedback - as some of these products, technologies and manufacturers are new at TMF I'm learning my way with much of this kit too!

    Speak to you Monday.


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