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Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by Drew2, Mar 22, 2006.

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    Have now experienced a 2nd PJ not coping with proper HDMI - DVI 'handshake'. So would like other members to leave their experience here with good set-up combinations.

    1st. My own TH-AE500, I first hooked it up to my PC via DVI and all HD resolutions worked fine. Then came an upscaling DVD player with DVI and again everything works perfect.

    The first problem arose when I plugged my 1st HDMI device a Sony HDD rec', component would show 1080i but not 720p which was stated as being the case, but the HDMI to DVI wouldn't show any HD resolutions nor would it upscale DVD playback(only available digitally).

    I then got a Sharp HDD rec' - HDMI broken, exchanged for a Panasonic HDD rec'. This also shows 1080i via component and HDMI but doesn't do 720p (PJ confirms as 480p) but the HDD menu re-sinks and displays 750p in it's setup menu. It's only when you go back to the PJ picture then call up the HDD menu again that it then shows it as 540p:mad: .

    So, yesterday I was viewing a Sharp XV-2000 and a Mitsubishi HC3000 being fed buy a Pioneer AVX 11AI(?) (the flagship model) and a Sharp Blu-ray BD100.

    The HC worked perfectly fine - in fact absolutely stunning and I am getting one - 3 week wait though!! But the Sharp with it's DVI connection was having the same problem with both players; this time 720p was fine with 1080i being rejected and displayed at 540p.

    The thing is even the shop clerks thought it was still displaying 'Hi-Vision' and I had to explain that the signal from the BD was original 1080i so yeah it's 'Hi-Vision' but the PJ was rejecting it and converting it to 540 then displaying it at it's native 720. So indeed they can still state that it's HD but just not the way it should be displayed!!

    So be warned - if your expecting to experience HD on your DVI PJ you might just be watching 540p/625p from a HDMI unit.

    Also, I have read numerous threads about people connecting upscaling DVD players into displays and seeing no difference - I wonder if this is what has been going on?

    So I have still to see a 'fully compatible' HDMI-DVI conversion, has anybody??
    If you have or know about such a system how about listing it here:smashin:
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    I used a Panasonic S97 (HDMI out) to a Sony HS10 (DVI in) using a Chrod HDMI cable and Chord adaptor at the PJ end and had no problems displaying 720p or 1080i. I'm going to be trying the same with a Toshiba SD350 soon, but am waiting for my HDMI - DVI adaptor to turn up (The last one went with my S97...)

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