HDMI / DVI / component?




Will I notice the difference in PQ using a good quality component lead in comparison to a DVI / HDMI connection. I believe that HDMI signals include a copyright (?) anti piracy code? Other than RGB being analogue is there a 'real' improvement in PQ. (not botherd about sound as I use a coaxial for that)

I ask the question because my TV is unable to diplay DVI signals at 50 hz and i may consider using the component input if there is only a small trade off in PQ.

I could use the DVI socket for a 'region 1' HD player (at 60 hz), but how will HD sky look on component?

(Plasma - Hitachi PD5200E 32")


Steve Zodiac

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I can't honestly say that I saw the big improvement that some members talk about, when going from the component to the DVI input on my screen. It is definitely better on DVI - but don't expect too much. I changed my DVD player so that I could use HDMI output into DVI on the screen. If I'd known that the improvement wasn't going to be so great I probably wouldn't have bothered getting the new DVD!
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